The Rising Price of Campervans in 2021
The Rising Price of Campervans in 2021

The Rising Price of Campervans in 2021

July 7, 2021

Anyone that’s been looking buy a campervan in 2021, will quickly realise that the price of campervans have skyrocketed across the industry. This is mainly due to a massive supply and demand situation caused by the rise of ‘staycations’ across the UK.

With the whole COVID-19 situation that has affected the UK tourism industry, more people are deciding that instead of jetting off to far-off places like Spain or America for their holidays, they’d rather stay inside the UK. Due to this new found love of British people looking to participate in a ‘staycation’, campervans have found their way to the top way of people looking to achieve this.

Unfortunately, the side-effect this has caused is a massive supply and demand bottleneck across the industry. Dealerships that specialise in campervans are themselves having issues securing stock, to sell on to customers. Meaning that it’s not just customers experiencing problems with finding suitable campervans to purchase. The other side-effect of this is of-course, rising prices.

How long will this continue to disrupt the industry, we’re unsure. We don’t expect this to disappear in 2021 at least and could last throughout 2022. It will all be dependent on how popular ‘staycations’ remain and if they become a mainstay way for people in the UK to holiday in the years to come.

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