Frequently Asked Questions

We currently offer a ‘premium plan’ which allows you to have a listing for 3 months, for only £19.99 – This includes the listing being ‘featured’ for a 1 week period. 

Choosing a campervan is something of a personal preference, as everyone has different needs and requirements.  This makes it extremely hard to recommend a specific manufacturer or style of campervan for you to go for.


We recommend taking time to go through as  many listings as you can and where possible, arrange physical viewings with the seller. 


Since COVID-19, the price of campervans have risen in price. This appears to be caused by people wanting to take a ‘staycation’ rather than visiting destinations abroad like they usually would. We predict that ‘staycations’ will remain popular for the near future. 



For the campervans that we allow on our website, no special driving license is needed, other than the standard automatic/manual license, dependent on the vehicle.


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