Affiliate Program

What we offer: is the UK’s leading classified ads website for people looking to buy and sell campervans in the UK. While we do offer free listings, a large majority of people choose to purchase a premium listing, which offers a featured status and a longer listing period. 


Commission Rates:

We offer a 50% commission rate on all purchases of the premium listing package. The premium listing package is currently set at £19.99, which means you’ll get £9.99 for each premium listing that is ordered.


We set a 365 day cookie period. That means if you refer a visitor to our website who purchases a listing 6 or even 11 months later after clicking your, you will still get a commission.

The affiliate programme is currently by invitation only. To apply, please fill in the following form and we will follow-up within 1 working day.

What website or advertising method will you be using to promote?
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